The Laid Off Diary: Dear Diary…this sucks.

June 9, 2009, 8:09 pm
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Dear Diary:

Since being laid off, I’ve of course become more money conscious. Before, I would just grab the name brand instead of wasting the extra 3.8 second comparing the brand name’s price with the generic’s price and determining whether the generic’s quality was good enough.

Now, I’m checking prices and comparing the generic with the brand name and, most likely that not, buying generics to save a couple of extra bucks.

But GOD, I swear, the generic is just really not as good. Take cotton balls for example. It’s a fluff of freaking cotton–how much worse can the generic be? Well, apparently, alot worse. I had some cotton balls that completely fell apart and white whispies were everywhere.

I’m also not convinced that generic drugs are the same as name brands. I know, I know, the doctors say they’re the same but I just don’t have as much fun on Duane Reade’s blue cold syrup or “Nycare” as I do when taking shots of Nyquil. And Dayquil is the closest thing that actually tastes like the color neon orange and is the only thing that can make you feel like a glowing orange orb (on crack).

And from what I hear from my overstressed and overly anxious colleagues, alprazolam just doesn’t get you there like Xanax.

–still not convinced


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