The Laid Off Diary: Dear Diary…this sucks.

June 4, 2009, 2:00 am
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Dear Diary:

It’s very difficult to do something good in this world. It’s almost like there is a mechanism that keeps us from winning the good fight. From child abuse to Michael Vic from fighting hunger to fighting human trafficking… it’s an up hill battle.

It’s an uphill battle for every tiny thing.

And that brings me to my point: Ever since being laid off, I’ve been putting my funemployment to work on myself–beginning with eating right.

Did you know that eating healthy makes you fart more? And not just a little bit more toot each fart or a little bit more often–but like thirty times more often and way more toot for each fart. If I’m not farting, I’m uncomfortably holding it in waiting for a time where I can release the beast.


I’m going to have to revert back to my old habits of junk food and beer before I start going on interviews. Luckily, for both me and any potential interviewer, I haven’t secured an interviews. So, for now, I’m just having fun, spending my severance, and farting away.



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