The Laid Off Diary: Dear Diary…this sucks.

Fisher Price
May 27, 2009, 10:20 am
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fisher price

Dear Diary:

I believe that sending out rejection emails is fun for at least the worker drone that has to send them out. In fact, I believe it is so fun that these admin people can’t wait to send them out because I have been getting some insta-rejection emails. The fastest one was TWO hours after I sent in my resume. How much time could they possibly have spent sifting through resumes and considering each person’s qualifications?

In fact, I got a rejection email yesterday from a position I never applied for from a company I’ve never heard of. This is great FUN for someone!

Yeah, yeah, my recruiter friend tells me that some of these positions are fake or already filled or that are just feelers for the employer so it might not be a true “rejection.” whatever the case, it is b.u.l.l. s.h.i.t.

Fisher Price outta get in on a piece of this action and make a kids game out of it because I’m sure someone is secretly getting some glee out of the fact that his/her JOB is to tell me I can’t have one that it would sell like hot cakes. They can call it Schadenfreude for kids, ages 8-80.



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last week, i applied to a job on craigslist that i was overqualified for. a girl who got laid off with me has already found a job at a small firm with about 20 lawyers, making only about 20% less than what we were making at The Firm. this firm had 25 lawyers, so when the managing partner instantly replied (i mean, within like 15 minutes) and asked my salary requirement, i gave him a price that was about 45% less than what i had been making. he insta-replied that that was out of their range. (this all dovetails with my rant yesterday.) i’m so sick of this job search thing!

Comment by Beesh

Beesh, you should never give out your salary requirement like that. You should always give them pablum along the lines of “I’m interested in finding the right fit and a great opportunity; I’m sure that numbers won’t be an issue. Just make me a fair offer.” Then, if you get the offer, you can always decline.

Comment by Spriit

Is that what people really do? I had no idea. I figured that they wouldn’t want me beating around the bush.

Comment by Beesh

That’s what I’ve done in every interview where they’ve asked me (mostly smaller firms), and everyone has been fine with it. One time, they pressed me a little (“oh, but you must have something in mind”) but I just said “no, really, I’m flexible and I realize that [in this S**hole] the pay scale is different, I just want a fair offer.” I got an offer, but fortunately didn’t have to take it (had a better one). Negotiating a salary is a tricky thing – you should do all you can to avoid giving out a number first. The only annoying thing is for some in-house positions they require you to fill out a form and won’t let you submit w/o the number. Then I’ve lowballed.

Comment by Spriit

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