The Laid Off Diary: Dear Diary…this sucks.

May 23, 2009, 4:32 pm
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sugar lips
Dear Diary:

Today’s word of the day from Merriam-Webster is manumit, which means “to release from slavery.” Gee, for some reason that resonated with me.

Ok, enough about BigLaw slavery. Today, I drank wine at 11:00am, took the big dog out for an hour and a half stroll through the park, tried to interview roommates (I had suspected that the average person is an idiot, I have now concrete evidence that this is so as they continually reschedule, back out, take the apartment, change their minds, and are overall slobbering fools, ) and then suffered from a horrible allergy attack. Damn New York.

I need a sugar person. I was completely unaware that there were several websites dedicated to finding a sugar mommy/sugar daddy. Amazing. I knew of that reality TV show about wanting to date a millionaire (btw, my new obsession is trashy reality TV shows), but I really was ignorant to the whole institutionalized “alternative arrangement” scene.

And I used to think you should work hard, get in to a good school, do well, get into a good law school, do well, and then get a good job. So much for that plan.

–too many degrees to be unemployed


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