The Laid Off Diary: Dear Diary…this sucks.

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May 21, 2009, 2:57 am
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Dear Diary:

I’ve had a facebook account for a bit mainly because I’ve lived in and traveled to many places so I use it to really keep in touch with friends. While I was in BigLaw, it was in private mode that nobody could really find me. It’s not really professional to have a facebook and it’s a bit dicey, but I do know of a few partners who have facebook accounts. Two of them in different sections added me after I got shit canned. wtf?

and after I got shit canned, I made it public. Man, the number of people that find me now is crazy. Let’s start with ex-es. I’ve had a few blasts from the past come knocking on my facebook door. Yes, I’ve broken a few hearts in my day (no, not really, just the usual bitter break up bullshit) and now these exes want to be friends and want to meet and catch up.

But it’s not just exes. It’s also douches from my former law firm, people I’ve met but didn’t really want to, friends of friends I wish I didn’t meet, and super hot people (I’m secretly in love with someone on another continent). So, now I have to spend time categorizing these people so they can only see select parts of my profile. Jesus christ it’s work and I thought that I no longer work.

It’s funny what kind of new bull shit you can find to fill your days now that you don’t work. I still feel like my days are full of shit to do.

–Going back to private on facebook


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i was going to ask you if you have a facebook. tell me how to find you…if you want 🙂

Comment by Beesh

hey beesh, send me an email to and let me know how to find you there. I’m private now…

Comment by laidoffdiary

New profile:

add me. let’s bitch and drink together!

Comment by laidoffdiary

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