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Clowning Around
May 11, 2009, 8:29 pm
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james beard
Dear Diary:

My friend told me she is going to attend a dinner of sake and sushi at the James Beard house. For those who aren’t familiar, James Beard is known as the father of American “gourmet” cooking and brought french cooking to the middle and upper class in the 1950s. He was also Julia Child’s mentor. If you watch Food Network, many of the star chefs are James Beard Award winners or nominees (notice many of the guest judge chefs on Top Chef also hold such a title).

He went to Reed College and was expelled (Wikipedia says it is for homosexual activity, but from what I hear about Reed College, I doubt it was for that as almost everyone is a homosexual there or gay friendly…it was probably for ungodly amounts of drug use). At any rate, he gets kicked out of college and joins a freaking circus. Then he drops out of the circus to move to NYC to be, like every other 17 year old girl, a singer or actor (or like many of us: a hot shot NYC lawyer). Only he drops out of that career as well. (After going to a cattle call, I can see how that path could be exhausting–especially if you aren’t successful at it.)

Then, of course, at some party he meets some guy and then he finds his true calling, becomes a legend, and the rest is history.

If someone can be a circus drop out, nevermind the college drop out, and still become a legend, I don’t see why I’m taking being a BigLaw drop out (well, lay off) to be such a big deal. I mean, the guy dropped out of the freaking circus after being kicked out of college for chrissakes! (I’m reading Catcher in the Rye again and that’s Holden’s favorite word: chrissakes). Then he was a failure as an actor/singer….then became one of the most famous American chefs. Everyone’s got their own niche–it’s just a matter of finding it (and having fun along the way–you know he had alot of fun in the circus with the little people and contortionists…).

So like I said in a previous post, life is a marathon, not a sprint and this race (hopefully) will take 65+ years so calling it in the first 25-35 years is just plain dumb.

I just wish I had as much faith in my 401K as I do in my future self. Stupid $#!&*$@ 401K.

–Wondering if the Lady with the Beard uses the Men’s room or the Ladies’ room


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