The Laid Off Diary: Dear Diary…this sucks.

Living it up recession style
May 1, 2009, 3:45 pm
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Dear Diary:

Above is a picture of dinner I made for myself this week and this meal cost me $5.18 for round steak with parsley, green olive, caper, and red pepper garnish, grilled and seasons asparagus, mushrooms, and sweet potato yam. The wine was also only $11 (after tax) a bottle (and damn good recession wine–it’s called The Red One from First Drop Wines and is a cab/shiraz/barbera blend).

The great thing about NY is that there are many stands with fresh vegetables and fruits for pretty cheap (I got a bundle of asparagus for $1.50) and with all the ingredients, I made two servings of steak and 2.5 servings of vegetables.

I’m glad I can take this time to learn how to cook (and cook cheap, fast, and well) while I’m “pursuing my hobbies” and inbetween jobs. That way, when the flurry picks up again for 60-70 hours a week, I’ll be able to whip something up during the weekends to eat during the week instead of indulging in greasy, suspicious, and fattening chinese/italian/mexican/indian food from (Yes, almost all delivery food in NY is suspicious as to cleanliness, ingredients, and just in general). And even if I don’t and revert back to eating at the firm or eating out all the time, at least I took this time to enjoy cooking and can prepare a special meal once in a while rather than just throwing money at my date or my friends for their birthday or some celebration. (Though, I wish someone would throw money at me right about now).

I have to say, I’m really enjoying this breather. I’m reading all the books I wanted to read but didn’t have time to, I’m learning Mandarin and Spanish, dating around, doing all the touristy things in NYC that even native New Yorkers don’t have time to do or don’t do often, and just relaxing.

I didn’t take time off between high school and college or college and law school, but I’m glad I’m getting a break now. Moreover, I’m much more mature and know more about myself and what I want that I’m making more out of this time than I could have if I were 17 or 21.

–well fed


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Yes, I’m sure that next corporate law job is right around the corner. And probably right in NYC where corporate law practices are doing so well just now. Indeed, what law firm wouldn’t want someone who was so awful at his old firm that he was one of the bottom 5% which they terminated. As you noted, what a wonderful time to be unemployed; by all means, enjoy this “temporary” break as if you haven’t a care in the world. And please, please, please, don’t stop “wishing that someone would throw money at (you)…”, because wishing is usually all one needs to do to find a new job. That, and plenty of “dating around” really should do the trick – you know, since you’re so much more mature now. (Plus, isn’t it amazing how all of the best “dates” really flock to the guy with no job; yes, the social demand for an unemployed male never ceases to amaze.) Fittingly, this blog seems to be about as successful as its author.

Comment by Joe

Why is reading comprehension so difficult for some of you? Maybe all my sarcastic remarks about finding my next BigLaw job on monster escapes you. Did I ever say that the next corporate law job was around the corner? And, uh, NYC is a grave yard (well, not so much as London) but we all know it here. And those who are lying are fools.

I would also be very careful with what you say. There were alot of good lawyers that were let go, and not necessarily the bottom 5%. You need to watch yourself. That kind of shit will not be tolerated on this blog. I only approved your comment because I don’t believe in moderating. There were some good, brilliant lawyers that were let go because their firms weren’t doing well, they weren’t getting the work they were hired for, they were a victim of circumstances, etc. You know as well as I that politics also plays a big part and not everyone who was let go were at the bottom 5%. Watch yourself, son.

I assume you are either a partner or someone in attorney employment.

What’s wrong with making the best out of the situation? Are you so unhappy in your job that you can’t stand to think some of us are actually making lemonade instead of shoving lemons up our asses?

Um, again, reading comprehension–the throwing money at me comment was tongue in cheek. I’m guessing you are old. I know it’s hard to read inbetween the lines at your age, since reading the lines is hard enough.

And this is NYC. Many people here are laid off and having a great time and dating and meeting people is very easy. I’ve met so many people and people don’t seem to care that I’ve been laid off. Hell, I have a law degree from a top school and a personality. I might not be a BigLaw partner down the line, but I’ll be just fine. Also, the sad part is (for partners, not me), is that from the day I started working to today, I haven’t met a BigLaw partner that I would switch places with in my law firm. I don’t envy the life styles of many partners–3 marriages, affairs, never been married, miserable, obese, unhealthy, or with kids that will turn 16 when they are 60. Of course, I’m sure there are some partners who are happy and have their shit together, but wake up! Associates don’t envy you. We might respect you for being brilliant attorneys or rich bastards, but we don’t envy your lives. The one thing you can hang over our heads is that you are partner and we are not, but there is more to life than that.

And I’m sure that it may be difficult to hear but I’m enjoying my life being laid off. You seem threatened by that.

This blog wasn’t meant to be “successful.” That’s just another sign you are probably an over competitive kool aid drinking monkey or a partner who gave his life up to a profession that brings him no envy.

This blog was for me, and other lawyers, laid off lawyers, people, friends, and assholes (like you) to share their thoughts.

Thanks for sharing!

Comment by laidoffdiary

I love reading your replies. Get ’em!

Comment by Beesh

laidoffdiary — Ignore the Haters (the B.S. post above), they have myriad issues, don’t bother yourself with them — great posts and writing — keep on the journey and keep us informed!!

Comment by johnnyRlaw

I also enjoy the blog and don’t understand why people like the first person feel the need to post such hateful remarks. I’m so sick of people on ATL posting things like that and thinking that layoffs/terminations are based purely on work quality and don’t have a thing to do with other factors, such as slow practice groups, who’s “in” with key partners, politics, etc. Your blog shows that you are handling your layoff much better than I am!

Comment by Anna

why haven’t you posted in 4 days? I am gettig bored dammit!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by BIGLAW slave

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