The Laid Off Diary: Dear Diary…this sucks.

Laid Off Diaries
April 23, 2009, 1:32 am
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Dear Diary:

Like Che’s Motorcycle Diaries, I should write the Laid Off Diaries. Maybe I should buy a motorcycle and ride around the US from sea to shining sea and explore this country tis of thee and document everything I see and experience (filtered through the lens of a corporate attorney–you know things will be interesting).  Though to be honest, if I actually bought a motorcycle, I’d probably buy a duchati or a mazda and not an American hog…it would be ironic.

Anyway, I could drive around the midwest (because all good American stories start in the heart of America as does the answer to the question: How the fuck did Bush get elected TWICE??). I could go through the cotton bowl, the corn states, the square states, the bread states…maybe even Texas (they do have great food down there, I hear).

Then of course, the coasts because hearts are broken, men are made, and lives are changed on the coasts (dramatic soundtrack playing in the background).

Maybe I will also start a band of guerrilla warriors protesting neocolonialism and the corrupt capitalist society we live in (don’t I sound like a revolutionary already??). I’ll probably do this after I find a latin lover and start a south american cartel (for those of you following along to the plans I’ve already made).

–The Next American Revolutionary (with an Italian motorcycle)


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