The Laid Off Diary: Dear Diary…this sucks.

Step One
April 22, 2009, 2:08 pm
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Dear Diary:

While there are places that offer 50% dine in recession prices in NYC, it’s still too expensive for my new budget. So, step one to saving money, today, I actually made my own chicken tikka masala and saved myself some $$. I don’t cook often so unless I anticipate eating alot of what I’m going to make, it’s almost not worth it to buy all the spices and ingredients. Sometimes thats even more than a meal eating out. But since I live on chicken tikka masala, I felt it was worth it. These past few weeks, I’ve come up with some really cheap meals (spicing up microwave pizza or making “ramen casserole” actually makes a pretty good meal.)

And yes, I joined a gym and picking up running in NYC and doing push ups on the sidewalk while hundreds of bumbling tourists walk around confused is not really an option and since I already paid the membership fee, rethinking my work out strategy is pretty moot at this point (yes, I have 2 more days to change my mind but I probably won’t). Besides, I got a roommate and that frees up quite a bit of money so that I can stretch out my severance a little longer while I wait to find the perfect six figure job on (yeah, right).

But there is a fatal flaw to my plan. The more I work out, the more I eat, thus costing me more money. Maybe I should rethink my strategy and I should become a fat, lazy fart and conserve all my energy and valuable calories. Then when my health deteriorates, I could get state assistance and maybe one of those motorized wheel chairs or maybe even a helper monkey (though, you have to feed those things). That is, if New York doesn’t go bankrupt like California by the time I apply for aid.

-to be or not to be a couch potato


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