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Writing a SitCom
April 9, 2009, 11:38 pm
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Dear Diary:

Today I watched 30 rock I recorded on my DVR (I cannot live without my DVR even though I hate Time Warner). The subject of the episode was mass lay offs and cost cutting measures.

I’ve always joked about writing a SitCom about the real shit I saw when I was a BigLaw monkey (the things people say, the things people do, the affairs, the divorces, the pesonalities I run across, the scandals, the cheerleaders, the idiots, the archetypal asshole, dork, obnoxious fucker, ass-kisser, kool-aid drinker, etc.) that I’ve decided to start writing the screenplay for my SitCom.

If you were recently laid off and want to share some of the most ridiculous or angering shit or bullshit that you witnessed, experienced, or heard of, please leave it in my comment section or email me at If your shit is funny enough, I’ll try to include it (or, if you have a lot or are particularly funny, we can collaborate) . It will be like The Office but based on true events so more realistic, which will make it that much more funny and clever. Some of the shit I witnessed at BigLaw, I couldn’t even make up if I wanted to.

-found my new calling


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Yes! As soon as I recover from this drunkety-drunkeness, I will totally give you monkey stories about the BigLaw machine!!

Comment by beesh

How come you curse so much?

Comment by anonymous

Beesh: sweetness. drunkety drunkeness and BigLaw monkey stories will be great!

Anonymous: yes, I have a potty mouth. Guess my sitcom will have to be confined to HBO.

Comment by laidoffdiary

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