The Laid Off Diary: Dear Diary…this sucks.

April 1, 2009, 1:42 pm
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Dear Diary:

Today I remembered the first emotion I felt when fat male partner and token minority woman partner told me I was getting a swift kick in my ass. The same feeling I get right after I do something else with my ass and that is take a gigantic shit: relief.

Perhaps this is a good thing that I was laid off.

This revelation, however, doesn’t really alleviate the fact that I was used ad abused by Mr. GAM (if you recall from my previous post that this stands for mr. Gigantic Asshole Man) and then unceremoneously shown the door because he didn’t want to lower his PPP anymore.

He is still an asshole and I hope he suffers from burning roids.

While it may be good down the line that I find myself broke, jobless, in debt to my eyebrows and unforunately sober, it really fucking sucks now until I find my “calling”. I hope Disney and my kindergarten teacher didn’t lie to me about being special or else I’m fucked.

-wishing the roid fairy pays a visit to Mr. GAM


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I felt so relieved too. I had just been sitting around waiting for the axe to fall. I told my friends still at the firm that I felt sorry for them having the continue to sit around and wonder if there would be another round of layoffs.

Comment by beesh

No posts in two days? Should I stop reading this blog?

Comment by anonymous

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